Next-gen freight technology gives you complete logistics transparency

Our exclusive Mondiale VGL signature technology ensures visibility across every product or project anywhere in the world, any time.

It puts you in the driver's seat while we take care of your logistics. Responsive and intuitive, you'll find its user experience is second to none, giving you state-of-the-art visibility, monitoring, managing, and reporting across your entire supply chain.

Changing the landscape of logistics management

Our technology platform is a transparent, end-to-end logistics management and reporting solution. It helps drive productivity and efficient resources to boost your profitability and growth.

Use our performance systems to:

• Keep your finger on the pulse of all your freight—get real-time data seamlessly integrated with your existing systems so you can instantly update cargo status for your customers.

• Manage detention and fee reduction—reduce container detention and prevent extra charges. Track your shipment, estimate arrival times, and get alerts so you can make decisions faster.

 Track fleet integration in moments—with Mondiale VGL on board, your shipment's position and delivery times are just a click away. All our fleet features GPS tracking to confirm site delivery and safety of your shipment and our people.

 Full reporting capabilities—generate instant reports and KPIs to demonstrate logistics operational success up the chain.

Intuitive, on-time document management

• Access every document relating to every item, anywhere in the world at any time – 24/7

• Automate document delivery to suppliers as needed

• Record and deliver alerts for new documents and document changes

• As per legislation, store complete documentation and recall instantly.

Transparent freight monitoring, managing, and reporting in an instant

• Status, Milestone, Statistics and KPI Reporting – Real time self serve or scheduled reports available 

• Accounting Data Uploads – CSV real time ability to run and extract in your desired format all invoiced line detail information, great for uploading direct to your accounting software.

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