Board & leadership

Mondiale VGL was established through the merger of two of the largest freight companies in New Zealand and Australia: Mondiale Freight Services Ltd and VISA Global Logistics Pty Ltd (VGL), in 2021.

The Directors at the time of the merger were John Sargent, Phil Bramwell and the late Grant Ryder. VISA Global Logistics was owned by Simon Hardwidge, Vittorio Tarchi, Garth Harris, George Schirato and John Ridolfi. 

Today, Mondiale VGL continues to be owned by founding shareholders from both businesses, alongside Direct Capital and ACC. 


 Our Board of Directors:

  • Justine Smyth - Independent Director and Chair
  • John Sargent – Founder, Mondiale Freight Services
  • Vittorio Tarchi – Founder, Visa Global Logistics 
  • Ross George - Managing Director, Direct Capital
  • Heath Kerr – Director, Direct Capital
  • Martin Goldfinch - Director, ACC


Our Board of Directors is supported by a mix of senior executives in each of our operating regions across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA, led by our global Group Chief Executive Officer Ray Meade.