Project cargo

Our dedicated Global Projects Experts will assist you with your challenging Project Transport Solutions

Mondiale VGL Global Projects & Industry Solutions is a dedicated division focused on the complex logistical requirements demanded during the construction of industrial installations and facilities involving the design and procurement of capital process plant and equipment - together with providing a specialised service in logistics support for resource and energy industries.


As an identified business unit crossing all four of the Mondiale VGL core products, with its own Management Structure and dedicated Global Network. The aim of our business unit is to ensure strategic focus and to consolidate knowledge to offer industry specific logistics solutions that cover all of Mondiale VGL’s core transport services.


We can provide:

  • Charter solutions based on your requirements
  • Manage your regulatory requirements
  • Give you supply chain reliability
  • Mitigate risks and deliver transparent operations
  • Provide ongoing support, advice & communication, so you’re always in the loop

Types of industries:

  • Infrastructure: Civil Constructions
  • Transportation: Rolling Stock, Railways, Subways, Aerospace
  • Mining: Metals, Minerals
  • Heavy Industry: Smelters, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, including CCS
  • Renewables: Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Waste-to Energy, Biomass,
  • Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream, downstream): Exploration, Drilling, LNG, Production
  • Chemical: Refineries, Chemical Processing, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical
  • Utilities: Power (Generation, Grids), Water Treatment, Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing & Production Plants: Semi-conductor, Automotive, Breweries, Textile
  • Government & Public Sector: Logistics support services

Branches are located in key strategic areas and with dedicated Global Projects & Industry Solutions personnel with the necessary experience, resources and commitment required for the industry sector.

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