Sustainability & WHSE

The key to ensuring a viable future—environmentally, financially, and socially.

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us. Our industry and the future of our business depend on it. We rely on goals and systems that reduce our environmental impact.

We want to ensure the future prosperity of our business and increase the positive impact we have on the staff and communities we serve.

Environmental impact

We're setting world standards in environmental sustainability practices by:

  • Putting measurable environmental objectives and targets in place and auditing the systems we use to deliver them.
  • Helping our customers achieve their targets by creating awareness of requirements and helping to mitigate the impact of their activities.
  • Ensuring responsible environmental management is at the core of our business ethos and prioritising its implementation and awareness for all our employees, contractors, suppliers and/or clients.
  • Environmental impact training and education for all our employees.
  • Reducing GHG emissions across all our services by creating system efficiencies. With an emphasis on shipments and transport options, we're actively improving our equipment and fleet efficiencies and utilising renewable energies where possible as well as partnering with key suppliers to adopt new technology and lower carbon solutions.

Health and safety

We recognise that a positive safety culture contributes actively towards a healthy and safe working environment. We encourage active consultation, communication, and participation in hazard identification; conducting job safety risk and environmental impact assessments; and implementing effective controls to minimise risks.

We specifically aim to:

  • Adopt proactive risk-based approach management principles and practices when conducting our business.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful consultation with team members and other stakeholders, on HSEWQ matters.
  • Provide the appropriate level of resources to the HSEW Management System.
  • Establish standards of performance, measurable objectives, and targets to track our success.
  • Ensure customer requirements are met, focus efforts on enhancing customer satisfaction while meeting our legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Take corrective and preventive actions to prevent injury and support an early return to work.
  • Minimise our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of emissions, and reduction and recycling of wastes.
  • Ensure team members have adequate health, safety, environmental awareness and well-being training and supervision.
  • Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency, crisis, or business disruption and strive to continuously improve our HSEWQ performance.

Financial stability

Mondiale VGL is working in and toward an industry with a bright future. Financial sustainability is about creating critical efficiencies in-house to ensure a stable and robust global logistics industry for all. We’re reducing the impact of regional and global events on our operations and creating versatility throughout our supply chain to mitigate their effect on our business and our clients’ objectives.

Social awareness for our communities

With 56 offices worldwide, we're positively influencing our communities for years to come. We do this by:

  • Employing locally and creating job opportunities within the community.
  • Establishing safe and quality workplace standards.
  • Being engaged in the community through local events and involvement.

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