NRA Tariff Rule - Expired 19 January 2024

  • According to FMC regulation where permitted or applicable as per 46CFR520 and 532, NVOCC has the right to use Negotiated Rate Agreement (NRA) instead of tariff rate filing.
  • All communications with shippers regarding rate and all writings in Carrier rate quotes, sheets and matrices cumulatively contain offer(s) by Carrier pursuant to an FMC NRA exemption per 46CFR532.6. Acceptance of the quotation shall become binding on all parties after receipt of the cargo by the carrier or its agent (or the originating carrier in the case of through transportation).
  • If the terms and conditions contained in the aforementioned documents do not reflect Shippers understanding, Shipper must notify Carrier immediately. Carrier Rules Tariff, provided free of charge at contains the terms and conditions which are further applicable to the shipment.


Effective 19 January 2024 the FMC tariff of MONDIALE VGL PTY LTD is maintained at