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Mondiale VGL Technology

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OneTrack Technology

Mondiale VGL’s OneTrack is the most powerful tool for uninterrupted inventory visibility that spans the entire supply chain from supplier to end customer - in real time. Designed, developed and built by Mondiale VGL, OneTrack is our freight management platform. Mondiale VGL’s in-house software design and development team place a significant focus on optimal user experience: OneTrack is intuitive, user-friendly, responsive and hassle-free.

Welcome to Mondiale VGL’s state of the art reporting software. We are the leader in compliance, enforcement and maximising payloads for our customers.

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OneTrack Features

OneTrack is our real-time working platform. Mondiale VGL Logistics offers a complete management and reporting system. This system not only allows you to track your freight anywhere and at anytime but also provides valuable insights to help drive efficiency and profitability.

Order Management




KPI Reporting

Delivery & Pickup

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OneTrack Detention Management

Through a live feed with 1-Stop, a central information hub providing accurate vessel arrival, availability and storage dates for every vessel arriving into Australian ports is available through OneTrack.

Accurate Calculations



OneTrack’s detention module alerts customers prior to detention commencing of any container that has not yet been de-hired.

Using these features, Mondiale VGL can proactively manage container detention to prevent unnecessary charges being incurred.

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OneTrackFleet Integration

Integration of OneTrack and Mondiale VGL’s fleet. OneTrack is linked to GPS delivery tablets in every Mondiale VGL truck, capturing real-time confirmation of container deliveries to site and safety. This in-truck technology has been developed in-house + is unique to Mondiale VGL Logistics transport. Its development has been influenced by Mondiale VGL’s:

  • Safety related procedures
  • Mass management related procedures
  • Fitness for work related procedures
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OneTrack Reporting And KPI's

Mondiale VGL’s OneTrack is developed to provide organisations with supply chain optimisation through sophisticated reporting insights. Find below examples of reports and KPIs genrated from OneTrack. For your convenience, they are featured in alphabetical order in two categories:

1. Transport Specific 2. Freight Specific

Pending the level of data captured by PMP Limited systems and interfacing, the generation of all reports are achievable. If you’d like further information on these reports or a demonstration, please contact your Mondiale VGL representative.

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OneTrack Documentation Management

Mondiale VGL OneTrack’s Documentation Management module has been intuitively designed for customers to manage time and costs.

• The supplier portal manages all documents involved in the booking to Bill of Lading production.

• All documents, shipping and commercial are held in OneTrack and available for customers to access at any time they’re required.

Intuitive documentation management

Stores all customs and commercial documentation within its Document Manager module.

Records movement and receipt of documentation.

Alerts by exception, eliminating the need to manage individual shipments.

Can send automated document requests to suppliers.

Full set of commercial documents are retained in OneTrack as required by legislation.

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OneTrack Interface Capabilities

Mondiale VGL’s OneTrack can be interfaced with PMP Limited’s existing platform, providing you with a worry free path to automating and scaling your business. Bridge into our system for real time status on all inventory, whether it be in-transit, in our 3PL facilities or last mile distribution.

Mondiale VGL is experienced in building and maintaining deep integration between OneTrack and our customers’ systems, we have achieved this for a number of our clients who now reap the benefits of:

• Reduced time spent on administration; interfacing eliminates the need for double entries
• Peace of mind with reduced margin for error
• Simplified fulfilment
• Healthier margins
• A better overall experience

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