VGL continues to be seriously concerned about the escalating nature of fees charged by the container terminal operators to permit VGL access to their terminals to pick up/deliver your containers. VGL continues to lobby the Government to legislate an acceptable fee regime and unfortunately continues to be frustrated by the inertia of the Government to act.


Please be advised that Patrick Terminals have announced a new charge in the form of a penalty for transport companies utilising High Productivity Vehicles (HPV) to collect your containers from their Sydney & Brisbane terminals. VGL uses these vehicle types to maintain its competitive transport pricing.

This new charge is nothing more than a money grab by a terminal operator that continues to hike its fees while providing no improvement in its servicing of its road-side task. VGL therefore must apply a new charge to cover this.

Effective for all wharf slot on and after 1 March 2021 the charge will be;
1. Per 20’ import & export: $30.00
2. Per 40’ import & export: $30.00


Again, while providing no improvement in the servicing of their road-side task Patrick, Hutchison & Flinders have announced further hikes in their Terminal Infrastructure Fees (TIF).

Mondiale VGL has no choice but to pass these increases on, and therefore Mondiale VGL’s adjusted pricing will be as follows;
1. Hutchison Brisbane: $151.50 per container, effective 15/03/21.
2. Hutchinson Sydney: $154.00 per container, effective 15/03/21
3. Patricks, effective 01/03/21;
a. Import containers;
i. Sydney: $135.00
ii. Melbourne: $148.00
iii. Brisbane: $129.00
iv. Fremantle: $62.00
b. Export Containers;
i. Sydney: $98.00
ii. Melbourne: $98.00
iii. Brisbane: $98.00
iv. Fremantle: $31.00
4. Finders Adelaide: $86 per container, effective 01/07/21

Should you have any questions relating to the above or require further information, please contact your local VGL representative.

Thank you for your continued support.