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The Stationery Goods Retailing industry includes companies that retail stationery goods, writing materials, art supplies, ink, pens, pencils and notebooks. The industry has been subject to increasing external competitive pressures and threats. For example, an increasing number of alternative retail channels that also sell stationery items, including online retailers, are challenging the industry’s long-term survival, as well as the ongoing move towards a digital economy. As a result of these factors, the industry has been gradually shrinking. Industry revenue is expected to fall by an annualised 2.6% over the five years as it continues to contend with external variables. Positive factors driving the industry include higher levels of literacy, a higher demand for premium marking instruments and an increase in the number of people receiving an education. Barriers to entry into the industry are generally low and competition is high as a result. The crucial supply chain factors for this industry includes stock control and availability, environmentally-friendly procurement, a clear market position and being part of a franchising chain.

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