A further update


Following on from our broadcast notice sent Tuesday 11th of January 2022, titled ‘Preference Rule Code Changes for AANZFTA and CPTPP’, we have since received further advice from the Australian Border Force (ABF) clarifying the changes to preference rule codes for goods qualifying under the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA). This follows the commentary made in Australian Customs Notice 2021/35 as follows:

“Although the AANZFTA Certificate of Origin may include additional details, goods that are AANZ Originating Goods because they meet the requirements of Annex 2 (Product Specific Rules) of the Agreement that are currently using Preference Rule Codes CTC, CTH, OTH or RVC should instead use Preference Rule Code PSR in the ICS.

Importers are encouraged to transition to using Preference Rule Code PSR in place of CTC, CTH, OTH or RVC as soon as practical but must do so by 31 December 2021.”

Relating to the second paragraph, the ABF have advised that no changes to rule codes on Certificates of Origin (CoO) issued under the AANZFTA is required; the CoO provided should continue to reflect the origin rule codes per the overleaf instructions.

The changes relate to the preference rule codes that are entered into the ABF’s Integrated Cargo System (ICS) only. This means that there may be discrepancies between the rule code entered on your Customs declaration to that on the issued CoO, please note this does not represent a compliance issue where the CoO meets the requirements of Article 14 of Chapter 3 of the Agreement and Rule 7 of the Annex on Operational Certification Procedures.

For importers, no changes to CoO Rule Codes are required where CTC, CTH OTH or RVC are used.

If you have any questions, please contact your Mondiale VGL representative or send an email to Sharni Knox, our Head of Customs and Compliance – sharni.knox@mondialevgl.com

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