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    April Public Holidays

    Within the month of April we observe a number of national public holidays and short weeks. Many businesses cease their operations or offer reduced services on these dates. Friday 15th April – Good Friday Saturday 16th April – Holy…

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    COVID Update – Shanghai, China

    Shanghai, China’s most populated city will enter a phased lockdown in an effort to curb an Omicron-fuelled COVID-19 outbreak. Presently, the eastern regions of Shanghai are in lockdown for five days of testing which will be followed by a…

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    Covid Update – Shanghai

    Shanghai will launch a phased lockdown to curb an Omicron-fuelled Covid-19 outbreak that has hit China with its highest caseloads since the early days of the pandemic. China’s biggest city will lock down its eastern half for five days…

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    Spain – Trucking Industrial Action

    Please be advised that a national trucking strike in Spain has been on-going for the last week and is starting to cause major disruption with local deliveries. We have received advice that a meeting between the Transport Minister and…

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