Please note we have received notification from the shipping lines that routings have been amended for West Coast North America to Oceania, in order to provide additional vessels that will discharge cargo in New Zealand.

In order to provide additional service for New Zealand bound cargo, and to increase frequency of sailings from West Coast to New Zealand, shipping lines have implemented a Marsden Point | Northport call for alternate sailings. This also re-introduces options from Oakland and Seattle port to New Zealand, whilst some of these vessels will also omit Los Angeles port.

Please note that this will be effective immediately, with below two sailings:

Synergy Keelung 203

ETD Los Angeles port 24th April
ETA Marsden Point 9th May

ANL Warrnambool 210

ETD Oakland port 3rd May
ETD Los Angeles port 8th May
ETA Marsden Point 1st June

Please note LCL cargo will be loaded and shipped on first available sailing, on a first in | first out basis, as per current procedure. As the direct Auckland port call sailings will remain 4-6 weeks apart, we cannot guarantee cargo will load on these sailings with reduced allocations across all vessels. Shipping lines have advised they will discharge Marsden Point only, so we will be responsible for trucking containers to Auckland depot. As a result of this, all | any cargo loaded on board vessels discharging Marsden Point will attract a transport surcharge, in order to move cargo to Auckland depot for unpack. Surcharge will be on cost recovery basis only, and we will advise customers per vessel, due to fluctuating fuel costs.

Please also note FCL cargo booked for Marsden Point discharge sailings will attract cartage cost to move to Auckland as shipping lines will not be moving any containers from Marsden Point to other outport destinations. We will include these costs on your quotes and costings prior to booking to confirm acceptance.

Please contact your Mondiale VGL representative if further information is required.

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