Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative under the Australian Economic Operator (AEO) programme developed by the Australian Border Force (ABF). It recognises businesses with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices, rewarding accredited businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits to improve international market access. Australian Trusted Trader accreditation status represents the highest Government recognised level of international supply chain security and compliant customs practices.

An accredited Australian Trusted Trader can provide import and export customers with a secure international supply chain and a higher level of access and contact with the ABF through a dedicated Account Manager who will be the single point of contact between the Australian Trusted Trader and the ABF.

Further trade facilitation benefits include a more seamless trading experience, improved cargo lead times, streamlined customs clearance, reduced cargo inspections and priority release at the border, duty deferral, periodic declaration reporting, reduced red tape to expedite the flow of legitimate trade, Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA’s) with other countries and a range of other trade facilitation benefits. Benefits of partnering with an Australian Trusted Trader will continue to grow as the programme is further developed. The government is working together with industry to explore a range of new trade facilitation benefits that could apply to Trusted Traders going forward. The future looks bright.


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