Mondiale VGL Freight Services

Mondiale VGL Freight Services

Mondiale VGL

Sea Freight Services

Through proactive account support we offer flexible solutions to improve the space, speed, line and service requirements, which in turn maximises freight efficiency and reduces business costs.

Forward planning cargo projections

Space Management

Enquiry Response

Mondiale VGL owned container transport division

Advice on shipping schedules and services

Internet tracking

Preparation and distribution of documentation

Container collected at night for fast pick up

Mondiale VGL

Air Freight Process

Combining a global network with leading airlines, Mondiale VGL Logistics provides time-specific solutions and flexible consolidation options.

Controlled by Mondiale VGL through one touch point

Plane arrive from international origin

Cargo unloaded

Mondiale VGL truck pick up

Cargo brought to Mondiale VGL bonded warehouse


Delivered to customer

Mondiale VGL

Road Freight Services

Our ability to offer door-to-door service is at the heart of what we do. Through the Mondiale VGL Logistics owned and GPS tracked fleet, our customers enjoy greater control with real time tracking. Our heavy vehicle accreditation also means we can maximise space and efficiency for our customers.

Mondiale VGL

Valuable Cargo Services

Over the years Mondiale VGL Logistics has become a market leader in the transport of valuable cargo with prompt and professional service, tailored to your exact requirements.

Secure pickup and delivery

Customs clearance and airport handling

Full insurance

Personal service

Special exhibition

Mondiale VGL

Refrigerated Parcels Services

Our logistics expertise extends to provide flexible quantity and temperature options with timely delivery of perishables. This expertise allows our customers to maintain quality and speed to market while significantly reducing logistics costs.







Mondiale VGL

Export Services

Mondiale VGL Logistics has in house exports experts that look after goods from door to door. We are also IATA accredited - which assists in providing safe, regular and economical export transport.

Air and sea exporting

IATA Accredited

One contact export process

For air shipments

Negotiates rates with shipping/airlines including block space agreements

Mondiale VGL Logistics

Awarded business