Mondiale VGL Consultancy Services

Mondiale VGL Consultancy Services

Mondiale VGL

Customs Clearance

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to improve our customers’ competitive position, devising strategies to increase business compliance and profitability. Mondiale VGL also offers a wide range of consultancy service and tariff advice.

• Custom Clearance
• License + Accreditations
• Trusted trader status + Benefit to clients

Duty Reimbursement

Reimbursements + Tariff concessions

Audit + Compliance

Customs Advice

Clarification of Goods

Tariff + Valuation Consultancy

Mondiale VGL

Cross Dock

At Mondiale VGL Logistics we look to maximize efficiency by reducing touch points of inventory handling. This efficiency alleviates unnecessary storage, which in turn delivers products to your customers faster.

Warehouse Delivery

Logistics Platform


Mondiale VGL

Account Management

At Mondiale VGL Logistics we employ leading industry experts who provide dedicated account management for all your logistics needs. A flat management structure ensures our business cares as much about your business as you do.


Relationship Manager

Mondiale VGL Directors

Mondiale VGL 1st Level Contacts

• IT Systems Manager
• Warehouse Manager
• Client Services Operations
• Customs Manager
• Transport Manager

Mondiale VGL 2nd Level Contacts

• IT Programmer
• Warehouse Office Staff
• Warehouse Personnel
• Client Services / Operations
• Licensed Brokers Customs Classifiers
• Drivers Transport Customer Service Staff
• Accounts Department

Mondiale VGL

Travel Agent

Mondiale VGL Travel is Mondiale VGL Logistics’ in house corporate travel agent. We provide comprehensive and independent travel advice allowing our clients to gain access to the widest range of travel services and products and the most up to date information. We offer first class business travel management, leaving you to take care of your business.

Professional Staff

Group Travel

Travel Insurance

Travel Management

Prompt Response Times

Emergency Assistance

Cost Saving

Mondiale VGL Logistics

Awarded business