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Mondiale VGL delivers a fully integrated solution including forwarding, clearance, warehouse, distribution and value added services. Founded in 1982, Mondiale VGL has become one of Australia’s largest privately owned international freight forwarding companies and through our extensive global network we deliver a comprehensive logistics system for all worldwide trade lanes.

Mondiale is owned by Direct Capital, and its founders John Sargent, Phil Bramwell and Grant Ryder.

The business merged with another freight-forwarding company, VISA Global Logistics in 2021, owned by Simon Hardwidge, Vittorio Tarchi, Garth Harris, George Schirato and John Ridolfi.

After the deal, 5 founding shareholders (3 from Mondiale & 2 from VISA Global Logistics) along with 2 Directors of Direct Capital were appointed to the board of Mondiale VGL.

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1982 – Founded in Sydney, Australia.

1984 – Customs division established.

1985 – Wharf Transport division established.

1989 – Warehouse division established.

1990 – Mondiale VGL Melbourne opens.

2000 – Mondiale VGL Brisbane opens. Mondiale VGL Hong Kong office acquired.

2003 – Mondiale VGL Shanghai office acquired.

2004 – Mondiale VGL Adelaide opens.

2005 – Mondiale VGL Italy offices acquired.

2007 – Mondiale VGL New Zealand offices acquired.

2008 – Mondiale VGL Perth opens.

2010 – Mondiale VGL increases it’s ownership of the Italy and Hong Kong operations.

2012 – Mondiale VGL opens 7 offices in China.

2013 – Mondiale VGL Auckland facility opens.

2014 – Mondiale VGL Frankfurt office acquired. New Mondiale VGL Sydney office opens.

2015 – Mondiale VGL Rome office opens.

2016 – Mondiale VGL facilities open in Brisbane and Melbourne. Mondiale VGL office opens in Leghorn. Mondiale VGL acquires 10 offices in South East Asia.

2017 – New facilities under construction in Western Sydney, Dandenong South and Perth. Mondiale VGL acquires 11 offices in India, 2 offices in Spain and 2 offices in the Netherlands. Mondiale VGL opens offices in Venice and Genoa. Mondiale VGL wins Australia’s Freight Forwarder of the Year Award.

2021 – VISA Global Logistics merges with Mondiale Freight Services

Mondiale VGL Logistics

Awarded business

Business Efficiencies

Personal service

Many logistic companies claim personal service but we live and breathe it. Our OneTrack management system empowers our clients with real time information, which in combination with our experienced accounts managers, allows us to provide strategies and market insights that generate real business efficiencies and cost savings.

World Locations

Mondiale VGL around the world

Mondiale VGL owns and operates 71 offices all over the world and covers over 200 more locations through our agents.

Environmental Sustainability

Approached with a proactive and innovative attitude.

We implement real solutions for you, as our customers, to help meet
your expectations and needs as an environmentally conscious
partner. Our Group of companies practice responsible environmental
management by conservation of resources, prevention of pollution,
compliance with relevant legislation and by continually leading by
example in adopting environmental best practice.

+Some Environmental Commitments
  • Ongoing compliance with relevant legislation and Codes of Best Practice.
  • Mercedes-Benz trucks using the BlueTec diesel technology. This has substantially reduced the particle and gaseous CO₂-e pollutants from exhaust gases. Currently 90% of the Mondiale VGL fleet uses this technology. The rollout of low energy impact vehicles forms a vital part of Mondiale VGL’s long term environmental strategy.
  • Electric forklifts within all of the logistics operation. These low polluting electric forklifts work throughout the material handling and staging areas.
  • Setting measurable environmental objectives and targets.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of our environmental performance by periodic auditing of our system and objectives.
  • Creating awareness programs for our suppliers, quantify and mitigate the environmental impact of their activities.
  • Communicating openly our policy and objectives to our employees, contractors, suppliers and clients in order to enhance their awareness of our ongoing commitment to responsible environmental management
  • Providing appropriate training and resources to our employees to fulfill our environmental objectives and obligations.